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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  February 11, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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turnover issues and to that soaring michael parker. the first half and that is stolen by mason plumly and goes the distance for the dunk. duke led 32-29 at the half. the terps were hanging around and in that sec half, moseley inside to faust and up and urn and match his career high and maryland rallies again and with that no-look pass and with the lay-in and one, he would have five pints, a 9-0 run and duke again. austin rivers left alone and with that 3. and paul mewet and george mason on the road against unc wilmington. the patriots, winners of 13 of the last 15 games and blowing by the d and there are that
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reverse lay-in and mason led know there of-32 and with that sing half, gives to the big guy. mason beats unc wilmington, 75- 69 and in that three-way tie in the first place and the patriots host vcu on tuesday. >> and tonight, seeking the first conference road win of the season. and two-plus minutes left, and knock down the 3, tieing the game, 62-62 and had 11 points. with over a minute to g the game tied at 64 and david pelham for the lay-in and the colonials have a two-point lead. 9.9 secs left, tony tailor misses the free-throw and goes to the dare open brothers. will the three go to win the game? no, way. how about the tip n. no way. qg on gw holes on, defeating richmond.
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>> and tony bennett and videovo. -- virginia. the first half and this is john evans, leading the break and to that lay-in. evans to joe murphy. on the wings and with the 3. the cavaliers up 3 and that coach loosens up the tie and with that game high give and to -- game high, and virginia fulls to unc. and the navy in the midst of a school record 16-game losing streak and hopes to end that in overtime. the drive, the spin and the lefty is good, forcing a sec overtime. we're tied 56-56 and in the second o.t. period, navy never lead and herbeck about the lead. the navy is defeated by
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average, 59-63 and swept by their rival since the first time in 19no. >> and to that 49th-ranked georgetown and all uconn and that lay-in and the foul. and coming up, on the saturday, it's moving day and tiger is going up and down. next. 
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for everyone. . >> welcome back. tiger woods birdied his way into the thick of things and takes another step toward showing his game is on the mend. it's moving day and he did again ground heading into tomorrow's final round and with that a trailian first, the approach shot on the par 5, 15 toll comes down and by some miracle, rolling bas -- rolls back and drives in for the eagle. the toy is for 33rd place and to tiger woods and with that day on the back and had the putter working so well on the 15th hole and with that birdie to fall and move to the 17th hole. and a stretch of five birdies on the front side and this is that first appear in the pro-am
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in a decade. and a birdie on 18 with that 4- under 32 and he manages one birdie and 11 under par, third place four shots behind the leader and that is the close in of the a regular pga tour event and why is he in contention? >> the whole okay is making the changes more consistent. >> and i am starting to see that now. my starting lines are tighter. >> and. >> and off of the wall. >> we're talking about peyton manning and whether or not we think he should come to d.c. and i think we're going to disagree on this. >> may be. >> we'll find out next off the wall.  okay, people, let't's get start.
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available and -- and i mean number 18? >> yes. >> and we don't know if he's going to throw the ball 50 yards. >> and he is peyton manning. >> yes, soon to be retired. >> and with the quarterback. >> 35 plus years old. >> yes, he'll be 36. >> and that is along radio. >> and how old are you? >> i'm vendage. >> okay. >> and i don't age. i'm like wine. >> that is an old man. >> and with that -- . >> in the 40s. i won. >> no, you can not? >> yes, i did. >> and is one step away from the super bowl. >> and -- with some more videotape. >> and they should shouldn't. >> and -- this is not mark brunell but payton manning. >> and with that quarterback. that is all i'm saying. >> they could address the quarterback and that is fbi. if you can't get andrew who is going to dismiss payton manning for, go get them and that is
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all predicated on a clean bill of health. if peyton is healthy, why not? why not mike shanahan. why not, dan snider. go get him. >> and keep on drinking. >> and that is to sell from tickets and -- >> yeah. >> and -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> care in here and with this on now. >> you're missing the point. >> and what are you doing? >> off of the wall with allison. >> and that does not have to be one or the other. >> right. >> and i say develop, develop a guy. draft a guy and develop and teach the guy while he's developing and we get two good years out of peyton manning. >> and that is his name recognized forever and encased in super bowl history. get a young -- and i am talking about a cam newton-type quarterback. >> and he is not available.
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>> and that is the caliber. i'm tired of the donovan mcnabb, the al haines worth. >> and -- you were that close to al? >> yes. >> and he's the thing. >> right. >> and this is -- please. and this is -- this ask what you do. and -- . >> on the sideline. >> and think about the potential. >> right. >> and think about the until. manning against manning twice a year in that is golden. >> and we need a young, hot, sweaty quarterback. >> and -- >> can we join the discussion? >> yeah, sure. we're out of time. >> i agree with you, actually. >> okay, i think we're out of a show. we'll see you next week. >> this is off of the wall. >> and they hijacked the show. [ laughter ] tony and allison, a major upgrade on off the wall. sorry, wisdom. georgetown hosts saint john's tomorrow 1:00 p.m.
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